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How to Sell Your Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Power Leveling Services?

You can make good money by simply playing the latest smash mobile game, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite! And you don’t even have to cast the Accio spell on lazy or too-busy players who want to level up without the necessary grind.

Simply follow these instructions to start making money as you play HP: Wizards Unite:

  • · Sign up and log in to create an offer. Be sure to make a detailed description of the type of service you are offering, be it for Wizards Unite power leveling Auror, Wizards Unite power leveling Magizoologist, Wizards Unite power leveling Professor, or acquiring a specific Wizards Unite skill list that the buyer wants.
  • · Once a buyer picks up on your offer, you will receive the account details and will have to comply with the agreed upon terms. You may or may not let the owner of the account play while the service is active. Be sure to work out the details of scheduling so as to avoid confusion.
  • · Once the service has been rendered, your buyer will then check the account to verify if everything is to his or her satisfaction. Once the confirmation is made, PlayerAuctions will send you your payment.


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