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While the Game of Thrones series has just wrapped up its final season, you can help fans of the franchise continue enjoying the Westerosi way of life by selling GoT Conquest accounts! With the game available on both iOS and Android devices, you’re sure to sell out here in PlayerAuctions.

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Game of Thrones Conquest is an MMORTS or massive multiplayer online real-time strategy game. As such, it can be daunting for players to grind for certain item since it’s time-consuming. That’s where you come in! By selling a GoT Conquest account that has all the nuts and bolts in it, you’ll make their lives easier while earning a profit for yourself at the same time! So post put up offers in our system and become a part of the seller community here at PlayerAuctions!

How to Earn Resources for your GoT Conquest Accounts

Game of Thrones Conquest is a city builder/base management game. This means that you’ll get to lead your own house, gather resources and units, and forge alliances all the while managing threats from your rivals in the game. The house that earns tons of resources, inevitably wins the game. Having lots of resources will give you a competitive edge compared to other sellers and is an incentive for buyers to buy your account. There’s a lot to take note here, so grab a cup of coffee, some snacks, a pen, and a notepad, because we’re about to get started.

1. Complete Quests

While this is a no-brainer, sellers tend to forget that the best way to gather wood, stone, wheat, and other resources is to do quests. The quests in the game are merely basic tasks that you can easily complete by naturally playing the game. Not only will these quests help your city become up-to-date, you’ll also earn a ton of rewards like food and wood. There are also special rewards to attain after doing a certain number of quests.

2. Build Alliances

A city-builder game wouldn’t be the same without any social features. Being part of an Allegiance that’s active is a great way to have an extra set of hands. This is extremely helpful when faced with tougher battles. It also adds an extra incentive for buyers to buy your account since they know that the account has some connections to other players. Joining an allegiance gives you extra protection and a chance to get to know other players who play the game. There are a lot of these groups scattered throughout the game, with some imposing rigid rules such as the strict participation and others that are more laid back. Pick an allegiance that works best for you.

3. Value Your Assets

In the game, you’ll be urged to allot your time to gathering. In any case, you should. Since everything boils down to having enough sustenance, you need to constantly work on your homesteads and sawmills. By producing your own food and wood through these farms and sawmills, you’ll have a self-sustaining city that you don’t need to always check up on. Always upgrade both of these structures whenever you have the chance.