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Make Money Playing Genshin Impact

With Genshin Impact making tsunami-like waves in the gaming world, it’s a surefire thing that someone somewhere will need a little help taking on this mammoth of an adventure. Thankfully, they have YOU to call upon! That’s right, with your uncanny skills, you can take over other people’s accounts and make a good deal of money just by playing the game you love!

To start making money playing Genshin Impact, simply follow these steps:

  1. Register at PlayerAuctions so that others can gain access to your power leveling services.
  2. Email us at [email protected] and state your intention of becoming a bona fide PlayerAuctions Power Seller. We will review your credentials.
  3. Once qualified as a PlayerAuctions Power Seller, you may promptly post Genshin Impact power leveling offers. Pro tip: Be flexible enough to the buyer’s specific leveling needs.
  4. You will then be required to make a deposit in the Power Leveling Reserve Fund. This will be done for each order you accommodate and will be returned after every successful transaction.
  5. Once a buyer selects your power leveling offer, touch base with them thru email or our onsite messenger so that you can work out the details of the service you will render.
  6. Proceed to render the agreed-upon leveling service.
  7. Once that’s done, you may return the account. The buyer will then make the confirmation via our system and we’ll release your compensation. Congratulations on making money just by playing Genshin Impact!

At PlayerAuctions, you earn tons of cash simply by grinding on the game you enjoy playing! Join the elite PlayerAuctions Power Seller team today. It’s your turn to make a huge impact on Genshin Impact!

Genshin Impact Adventure Rank Leveling Tips

To get you started on your pro leveling career, here are a few handy leveling tips:

  • Take on the Dungeons – While certain dungeons are locked behind higher levels, there are some that are readily available early on. These special areas offer a ton of EXP for those willing to take up the gauntlet.
  • Fight Special Bosses – 2 special bosses become available weekly! Make it a point to take them head-on for EXP and awesome loot. On top of that, you can gain the ascension materials you’ll need to unlock characters and levels.
  • Be a True Blue Collector – While other games may treat collectibles as mere bragging rights, they have much more importance in Genshin Impact as you can gain significant amounts of Adventure Experience simply by finding them. Collectibles are divided into Anemoculi and Geoculi.
  • Use Your Handbook – Many players tend to ignore the Adventurer’s handbook and it can prove to be a costly mistake. Use it as a guide and you’re sure to rake in the experience points. Complete your daily commissions to earn as much EXP while exerting the least amount of effort!
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