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How to Sell Your Fractured Lands Account for Real Money

First, make your offer. Write down all its good points such as how many weapons and vehicle mods there are, as well as what level the account is. As for pricing, it ultimately depends on what you think is fair. You can use the other offers as a reference to price your account or you can just go with your gut.

Then you choose how to deliver the account details. Instant delivery means we handle it for you, as a middleman, so to speak. Send us the account information, and we'll send it to your buyer for you. Manual delivery means giving the details yourself. It could be through email, our site's messaging feature, or other apps. Make sure that you're able to deliver within the time you set!

Once everything's straightened out, give your buyer some time to check the account. They'll confirm that they've received the account, after which you can get your profit.

Higher leveled accounts and those with numerous useful mods are the best ones to sell. They'll fetch a high price for all the weapon, vehicle, and customization options unlocked. At any rate, PlayerAuctions has got you covered for all your selling needs. We provide a marketplace for all kinds of virtual assets, as well as the best security and customer service.

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