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How to Make Money Playing Forza Horizon 5 and Level Up Fast

Forza Horizon 5 has many Challenges and Events that are sure to keep players occupied at least for a while, and while leveling up will occur naturally while progressing through these activities, some players just need that extra bit of help. As such, some gamers turn to get boosting services for their Forza Horizon 5 account. There are proper ways to maximize XP gains in the game, as well as AFK farming methods. By knowing how to level up fast in Forza Horizon 5, gamers and sellers alike will be able to level up efficiently without wasting their time. Sellers can make money playing Forza Horizon 5 efficiently by keeping these tips in mind.

  1. Destroy Boards

    Several boards throughout Forza Horizon 5’s map will grant players an XP reward once destroyed. These boards can be found all over the map, and thankfully, they’re relatively easy to spot. Another thing that players can do to find all of the boards is to filter their map to only show Bonus Boards before heading out for a drive. Crush all of the XP boards across the map to net tons of XP in a short amount of time!

  2. Doing the One Million Run

    There are a lot of races in Horizon 5, but the One Million Run, in particular, offers players a chance for a hefty amount of XP. The One Million Run has a mostly straight track which will allow them to hit top speed and the associated score multiplier for the large portion of the race. Racers can simply hop into this run with their fastest car and drive on through to easily net themselves hundreds of thousands of XP and a huge score multiplier without breaking a sweat.

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