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There are many ways gamers find to make money through MMORPGs. Among them, one of which would be account trading, which is why there are players out there who decide to sell a Flyff account.

Why Gamers Sell a Flyff Account

With Flyff being given new life, there’s many players wanting to jump on the bandwagon to start playing. Lots of them want to start exploring, try out the endgame, or get an advantage over other players right off the bat, and are willing to look for someone selling an account in order to do so. That’s where sellers come in.

Generally, sellers are gamers who have played the game for a long time and have got everything out of it that they wanted to. Rather than leave their account dormant, some decide to sell them and look for a buyer online.

How Much Are Flyff Accounts Sold For?

While sellers are able to put any price on their account, there are a few factors that they take into consideration before slapping a price tag on their offer:

  • Level and class of character
  • Number and viability of Insane gear
  • Number and kinds of cash stop items
  • Amount of Penya and CP

By taking these into account and making the price of the account proportional to the aforementioned traits, sellers are more likely to interest a buyer and close a sale.

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