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How to Make Silver for Your Accounts?

One of the most quintessential parts of having a great account in order to lure potential customers your way is to have lots of silver ores packed in the said account. Not to worry, as silver ore around the world of Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius is abundant! That being said, the Phantom Forest has always been the best place to get silver. But if you’re looking for an alternative, the Gronoa Shrine Depths is also a great place to get your fix. The shrine also has all kinds of megacryst, an item that’s used for crafting weapons and accessories. The Bahamut exploration is pretty good as well, since you can also farm all kinds of ores and megacrysts at the same time, but do keep in mind that the exploration is a bit long if you go in without proper preparation.

How to Get the Best Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius Units?

To get great units, you have to do summons. The game then divides the unit pool into two: rare and standard units. From various banners like featured summons and daily summons among others, you can call up rare units by doing so. Standard units, on the other hand, are considered to be units that have no usefulness for battles that might deem challenging, which is why they are given out to players for free.

Lapis & Tickets

To summon these rare units in the first place, you’ll need to have a lot of these two currencies: Lapis and Tickets. These two are the backbone of the game’s ecosystem and are primarily used to summon units. The units are the meat and potatoes of the game, and what players ultimately want in the first place. While both Lapis and Tickets can be used to summon units, Lapis is a more flexible currency in the game. Lapis is also a premium currency that can be purchased with real money. Other uses of Lapis include upgrading your slots, refreshing your energy, and reviving your characters in battle.

If you want to farm up on Lapis, the best way to do it is to complete the season 1 story in its entirety, including all its missions which amount to 40,000 Lapis. If you have a high-level account, then consider participating in Arena matches. Going to 5 Arena matches daily will reward you with 40 Lapis, whether you win or lose. Logging in daily and completing the quests for that day will also generate up to 8,000-9,000 Lapis per month, making it a great source of Lapis. Attaining gold trophies is profitable as well, as it will earn you 500 Lapis for each gold trophy that you get. Among other ways to earn Lapis are spinning the Rewards Wheel, reaching certain Expedition Milestones, and ranking up.

For tickets, simply wait for events. These events will give out tons of tickets, especially the exchange events. You can also earn 1 ticket per week alongside your Lapis by reaching certain Expedition milestones.

Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius Tier List

7-star units are the best ones in the game, which is why they’re so hard to get and can therefore be expensive when selling them in an account. Here are some of the units that you should consider trying to get for your account/s:





Physical Damage, Chaining

Esther is a ridiculously powerful lightning physical chainer. A warrior that once sacrificed her life to save all of mankind; she has a great survivability rate for a damage dealer. She has over twice as much HP as other chainers.


Physical Damage, Chaining

Akstar is a fire/ice physical chainer that chains with the Absolute Mirror of Equity Family. With one eye, one arm, and one leg, this mercenary is very powerful and has a very high damage potential.


Physical Damage, Chaining, Support

Auron is in the Absolute Mirror of Equity Family that has an extremely powerful breaker followed with elemental flexibility and solid physical chaining. He’s a swordsman who’s famous to the people of Spira as the former Guardian of High Summoner Braska.

High Seraph Ultima

Chaining, Magical Damage, Support

High Seraph Ultima is a supporting character that has powerful non-elemental magic and solid utility. Able to dispel enemy buffs and ally debuffs at the same time all the while leaving enemy debuffs and ally buffs, this “Angel of Blood” can burn MP quickly if not used properly.


Chaining, Hybrid Damage, Support

Karletteis a younger researcher from Alfore’s army who can buff elemental resistances and mitigation, making her an excellent hybrid chainer with great flexibility and capabilities.