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The Career Mode in FIFA 22 offers a lot of changes for the community. With FIFA 22 being the next entry to the popular sports franchise, the latest game stadiums, commentators, leagues, and teams have once again been renewed, it’s no surprise that millions of players jump to getting FIFA accounts every year.

Tips When Trying to Sell FIFA 22 Accounts

When it comes to selling FIFA 22 accounts, sellers have to keep in mind that they have to offer something that’s of interest to be able to catch the attention of potential buyers. Since FIFA is one of the most popular video franchises in the globe, luckily, sellers won’t have as much of a difficult time trying to scout prospective folks out there that just want a fresh FIFA 22 account. Plus, millions of players jump into the latest installment of FIFA since there’s always a treasure trove of new features and even fan-favorites making a comeback to entertain fans yet again. Down below are some helpful tips that sellers can keep in mind when it comes to selling their FIFA 22 accounts:

  1. Gold Cards Are Great, But Not A Requirement

    Fans have been anticipating the players that are bound to get the gold treatment for FIFA 22. With Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo being some of the biggest names out there in the world of football, it’s expected that they would have the highest ratings in the game. Having a gold card in FIFA means that those players will be rated highly, without question. While gold cards are indeed great to have, it’s not necessarily a required step to own them. This is because gold cards are extremely rare and tend to fetch a high price in the Transfer Market. While it’s nice to have them, it’s not exactly something that sellers need to worry about should they not have a gold card up their sleeve. There are still lots of viable players out there in FIFA 22 that can be a part of the ultimate dream team without costing an arm and a leg.

  2. Price Checking in the Transfer Market

    The Transfer Market can be treated as a sort of virtual market for players to trade FUT items with other FIFA users. It’s an auction-based marketplace where potential buyers can place their bids on the item that they want to buy. The winner of the bid will then own the item in question at the end of the auction period. While the Transfer Market can be seen as an important place for FUT users to trade items here and there to improve their club, it’s also a great way to check prices for certain items and cards. It’s impossible to constantly know when the prices and value of items in the game will change, but with the help of the Transfer Market, sellers will at least have a clue as to how much certain players could go for when checking the winning bids.

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