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Selling FIFA 21 Coins for Real Money

Whether it’s just a one-time deal or it will be your regular sideline, selling FIFA coins is a great way to earn cash. And there’s no better place to sell FIFA 21 coins than right here at PlayerAuctions. Although the game is yet to be released, it will be one of the year’s biggest games, like the years before. With that comes your chance to make huge earnings!

How to Make FIFA 21 Coins

The game’s specifics haven’t been revealed yet. However, true to the franchise, a lot of modes will be making a comeback. However, it is still unknown which of them will be the best way to make FIFA 21 coins. Most likely, it will still be through FIFA 21 Ultimate Team and selling of rare and meta cards. Once the game has been released, we will update this and will give you tips on how to make FIFA 21 coins so you can sell with us.

How Much Can I Sell FIFA 21 Coins

Unlike other in-game currencies, FIFA coins usually have a flat rate. It has been this way in the past, so it’s no surprise if the same will continue to remain true in FIFA 21. So once the game has been released, keep in mind to always closely watch the price of FIFA 21 coins. This will be easier done with our PlayerAuctions Market Price Tracker, which will be updated on the game’s official release.

How to Sell FIFA 21 Coins for Cash

Thank you for choosing PlayerAuctions as the trading platform where you’ll be selling FIFA 21 Gold. As a start, please log in or register. While the game isn’t out yet, you will be able to make one once it does. You can choose to wait until that time comes before registering, but it’s better to be ahead of the competition and create an account now.

Considering that previous FIFA installments have used the transfer market to sell FIFA 21 coins, it’s not unlikely that the same will apply again. For this, you have to tell the player to put up for sale a common card in the Transfer Market with the exact amount of the FIFA 21 coins being sold. To ensure that there will be no problems, coordinate with the buyer on the time and date the trade will take place.

Once the buyer confirms the delivery of the right amount, the transaction is considered as completed. You will be receiving the payment 5 to 7 days later–only 3 if you’re one of our PowerSellers. Enjoy playing FIFA 21 for the hustle, and enjoy your earnings that come along with it!

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