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FIFA 18, the latest iteration of the world-renowned FIFA series, has finally arrived and it has truly delivered on the hype! Experience the thrill of simulated soccer action with updated graphics, player balancing, the return of your favorite game modes, and new ones to compliment your addiction to this fantastic game. More importantly, find new ways to make good money with your love of soccer by selling your excess FIFA 18 coins!

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EA upped this iteration of the FIFA series by going all out with their “Transfer Market.” For newbies, it may seem daunting at first, but seasoned traders have nothing to fear, and they’ve been money for their extra coins due to their loads of gaming. The only problem with the “Transfer Market” is that you can’t sell your FIFA 18 coins through advertising. Instead, you must rely on people who can find your entries to even to have a chance of making a profit.

It’s difficult to find trustworthy people since they can quickly scam you out of your listings, despite the sorts of safety measures EA has in place. Your best option is to find a middle-man (i.e., someone who’s able to sniff out potential buyers for you and ensures the safety of your sales). Well, there’s no need to look further because PlayerAuctions is here!

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Now, what you have to do to start selling your FIFA 18 coins on PlayerAuctions is to register for a free account and play the game. Once you’ve got the things that you wish to sell, put them up on the site and leave the rest to us! With our acclaimed PlayerGuardian technology, it ensures transactions remain secure. Rest easy knowing that PlayerAuctions has your back!