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Despite not being an MMORPG and not having any trading, you can make money out of Far Cry 5. How? By offering Power Leveling services. If you have the time and effort, become one of our power levelers here at PlayerAuctions and provide Far Cry 5 Power Leveling services for sale.

What Far Cry 5 Power Leveling Services Can I Provide

Because Far Cry 5 offers game modes other than the main campaign, there are two kinds of leveling services you can provide. Either put Far Cry 5 Resistance Levels Boosting services or Far Cry 5 Arcade Power Leveling services.

Preferably, you should be able to offer both services, as this will allow you to have a bigger customer base.

How Much Should My Far Cry 5 Power Leveling Services Be

When putting a price on your Far Cry 5 Power Leveling offers, it’s important to keep in mind two things:

  • Number of levels you’re willing to grind for
  • How fast the service will be

The better your offer is when it comes to these criteria, the higher the price you can give your offer. It’s completely up to you, as we at PlayerAuctions do not have any mandatory pricing standards. Nevertheless, we recommend that you keep it affordable but profitable at the same time.

How Can I Make Money Playing Far Cry 5 Power as a Power Leveler?

If you truly wish to be one of our providers of Far Cry 5 Power Leveling services, then good for you. However, before you can start, you have to be a Verified Seller first. That means going through all the verification steps, complying with our trading policies, having a total of 5 successful transactions, and at least one successful transaction for the past 90 days.

Once you’ve achieved Verified Seller status, you can start making Power Leveling offers. While you’re completely in charge of your offers’ terms and services, we advise that you coordinate with the buyer for a much better customer experience. In addition to that, we also require Power Levelers to make a deposit on our Power Leveling Reserve. You can only make one Power Leveling offer at a time, and you have to make a $70 deposit for it. This way, we can guarantee the buyer that they’ll be getting the kind of service they deserve.

After the buyer confirms the return of his/her account with the requests having been met, the payment will be given to you after 3 to 5 days. The Power Leveling Reserve will also be returned to you. Happy leveling!

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