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Do you want to make money from your Far Cry 5 accounts? You can do so by selling them on Player Auctions. As a seller, you have a lot to gain.

How to Sell Far Cry 5 Account?

First, you need to register with your email address. Then after registration, you can post your items for sale. You should compare the prices that other users are successfully selling their accounts at, to determine a price that is good for you. Currently, Far Cry 5 accounts are sold in a range between $5 and $19.24. The more items and features your account has, the higher you can price it. Then, you fix your delivery period. Most sellers deliver within 24 hours.

State only what your Far Cry 5 account includes. Lying about account details could lead to loss of money and bad ratings. You will receive an email once a purchase has been made. Then, you can deliver the account details to the buyer. It’s advisable that you unlink your social media and other personal details from the account before selling it. It is also important that you provide your account within your specified delivery period.

Once you deliver your account details and the sale is over, you will receive your money in your AmazonPay account or your bank account.

Player Auctions is the best place for you to sell your Far Cry 5 accounts. You are protected against fraudulent buyers on this platform. We don’t charge membership or listing fees. We have over 1 million members from 140 countries worldwide. We also advertise and promote items on sale, on behalf of our sellers. You can’t go wrong if you sell on our platform.

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