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Since LINE Games has brought Exos Heroes out of Japan, you’ll no doubt have lots of customers flocking to you should you sell Exos Heroes accounts here at PlayerAuctions! As the latest strategy RPG out now for both Android and iOS devices, it’s guaranteed to be a treat for both RPG and anime fans alike.

Why You Should Sell Exos Heroes Accounts

Exos Heroes is loaded with content, easily bringing in hundreds of hours’ worth of gameplay that’s sure to keep players engaged. With the constant updates and support that this game receives from its developer, selling Exos Heroes accounts is as easy as apple pie thanks to all the new stuff to toy around with. The world of Exos Heroes is brimming with excitement because of its sleek detailing and the unique art style that’s sure to catch anyone’s eye. Its addictive battle system is dynamic and robust, making it satisfying for anyone that goes into battle mode. Altogether, Exos Heroes is a strategy RPG that brings new experiences and storytelling to an otherwise saturated market. Everything that a player could ever want from a game of this genre is neatly packed into a bundle. The dynamic gameplay, tasteful anime-style graphics, and hundreds of characters to choose from makes for a world that anyone should at least try exploring before making assumptions.

How Do I Sell Exos Heroes Global Accounts?

In order to sell Exos Heroes Global accounts on PlayerAuctions, simply follow these steps:

  1. Log in or register as a seller.
  2. Post your Exos Heroes Global account offers using our system. You can enable our automatic delivery option during this time.
  3. When there’s a buyer that wants to purchase one of your accounts, simply deliver the account details to them. Should you have our instant delivery option enabled, we will deliver the account for you.
  4. Once the buyer has inspected the account, wait for them to confirm to our system to send the payment to you and get paid.

Tips for When It Comes to Selling Accounts for Exos Heroes

  1. Create A Well-Balanced Team

The key to having a good Exos Heroes account that will tempt anyone looking to buy one is to have a well-balanced team that anyone can use. Giving away an account not only means it will include the in-game and premium currency that you’ve accumulated, but the characters stored inside it as well. There are over 200 characters in Exos Heroes, giving you lots of choices. When it comes to getting the good ones, you’ll need some luck though. The gacha system in Exos Heroes plays a huge role in which character you’ll be getting and is often the bane of the player. The rarer the character you’re trying to get is, the harder it is to obtain it by chance. Common ones, on the other hand, are far easier to get but they don’t have the skills and stats that rare characters have. That doesn’t mean the common tier characters don’t have any use though. Once they’re utilized and upgraded, they become useful even in high-level situations.

  1. Join an Air Squadron

Air Squadrons are the equivalent of guilds or clans in other online games. The Air Squadron offers a typical guild-like system where you can join PvP battles and reap rewards from it. Merely signing in for attendance already brings more goodies for you, so why not let the future player that will purchase your account also experience this? More often than not, people scrutinize which Air Squadron you’re in, so it’s important to have your account be part of one. Sure, you can play and enjoy Exos Heroes as it is without joining one, but you’ll be missing out on a lot. For starters, there are air squadron-exclusive game modes that you won’t be able to partake in. These game modes help you progress through the game, making it almost a requirement to play a couple of rounds. Another thing is the rewards such as the Wind Wing tokens. Wind Wing tokens are used to purchase emblems that you can display beside your name. It’s not that special, but having a cool emblem display in public adds an extra layer of customization to your characters.

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