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How to Make Money Playing Everspace 2

Unlike the first game, Everspace 2 isn’t a roguelike but retains a learning curve that few players can quickly grasp. The galaxy is a scary place filled with roaming bands of pirates who can turn the inexperienced into debris. With dozens of ships, special abilities, and weapons, knowing the right tool for the job can be challenging. Thankfully, now that sellers offer boosting services for Everspace 2, players simply have to sit back and relax while their account level increases.

For sellers, knowing the ins and outs of Everspace 2 is the key to getting that dough as quickly as possible. Here’s how they can level up fast in the game:

  • Adapt High-Level Items to Make Life Easier

Imagine finding a cool piece of gear, but it’s impossible to equip it because it has a high level. If it’s another RPG, that item will sit in a player’s inventory until their character gains enough levels. However, in Everspace 2, sellers can adapt items in exchange for crafting resources. This lets them able to use high-level gear immediately.

Equipping high-level gear will ultimately make a seller’s life easier when leveling up. While their resources might take a hit, it’s not a bad trade considering that they don’t have much time before returning the account to the buyer.

  • Sift Through Areas With Care

There’s a lot of emphasis on exploration, so it would be a shame if a player didn’t partake in one of Everspace 2’s greatest offerings. As players warp between quest locations, they will frequently see other destinations pop up on their HUD. These destinations are almost always worth stopping to visit. Most of the time, sellers can find a group of pirates they can blast for tons of Credits and loot. They can also discover secrets and puzzles that are fun to figure out.

The moral of the story is always to observe one’s surroundings and explore the different maps that Everspace 2 offers. Players who often sift through the areas they discover with a fine-toothed comb are often rewarded with precious materials they can sell for a small fortune.

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