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As with the case for the first game, Everspace 2’s economy revolves around Credits. Players will have to farm plenty of Credits if they want to progress, but not everyone can do so due to time constraints. Sellers can help buyers purchase the items and upgrade they want by selling Everspace 2 Credits. But if they want to earn some cash from the currency, they’ll have to do a bit of farming on their own.

How to Farm Everspace 2 Credits

  • Loot Containers

Containers are boxes that are dropped by freighters and ships; these can be found all over the world of Everspace 2. The containers can have blueprints, equipment, resources, and Credits. Should sellers come across them, it’s highly advised that they loot these containers to have a chance to get Credits.

  • Complete Missions

Players will come across a vast number of interesting characters as they progress through Everspace. Many NPCs offer missions that they can complete to earn Credits and other resources. Most side missions require flying from one place to another; they don’t take too long. Plus, in some cases, players can unlock higher-tier jobs from a station upon completion. Besides NPC missions, sellers can also do Faction-related missions to get more in-game currency.

  • Go to High-Risk Areas

High risk means bigger rewards! Sellers can find these areas on the map by using the Signal Decoders. Each decoder is specific to a system and comes in different rarities. The rarer it is, the more modifiers will be applied to the area, leading to a higher Loot Quality buff. Since these are challenging encounters (like enemies exploding on death, dropping mines, or dealing increased damage), sellers must bring their A-game to the table. However, they can get incredible loot and Credits for their efforts if they're successful.

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