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Why Sell Everspace 2 Accounts

In the vastness of space, many things can happen during any exploration. That is why in Everspace 2, players must ensure their items are robust and durable. Having the most substantial ships and lethal weapons will help players ensure they can survive most of their incursions. Unfortunately, getting these items are not accessible. 

To acquire the best ships and weapons, gamers will need to find ship dealers, and these things are not expensive. They will need to have enough materials to acquire these wares. However, if they are very committed and have many hours to spare, sellers profit from grinding these items to sell them. 

Sellers can gain a hefty profit by collecting the best ships and weapons and then selling the account with them. Many players are looking to buy profiles already full of essential items, so they don’t need to grind too much.

How to Get Ships in Everspace 2

The primary way to get ships in Everquest 2 is to find the Ship Dealers scattered around the whole galaxy. They can be located in fixed areas, while some are constantly moving. Here are the locations of each vendor:

  • Nephtys Plains Station – Nephtys Plains
  • Freelancer Hangar – Prescott Starbase
  • G&B Union Branch – Noah Darmaris Starport
  • Coalition HQ – Letho Starport (Drake)
  • Ships & Supplies – Coalition Cargo Terminal (Drake)
  • The Flying Duchess – Dynamic Location
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