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The historical shooter subgenre needs a reinvention. Enlisted can and is poised to exactly be that. Players looking for something new will be flocking to it, and that is the perfect opportunity for those that want to make money playing Enlisted. How? They can sell Enlisted Power Leveling Services.

How Players Make Money Playing Enlisted

A lot of Enlisted players spend a large amount of time grinding. This is because free-to-play games have a notoriety of having much grind. This is to encourage players to either constantly play to progress or get rewards, or buy a battle pass and get better rewards for a shorter amount of time.

It also doesn’t help that Gaijin Entertainment, the studio behind the game, has a notoriety when it comes to grinding. They are also the developers of War Thunder, which is also a military vehicle-focused action game set across various points in history. While it has a lot of vehicles that players can ride and scenarios to play in, the long grind to the next and better vehicles was long and daunting.

With such a history, it’s not unlikely for Enlisted to share the same problem. That is where Power Levelers come in. These gamers actually understand the concept of grinding in first-person shooters. They’ve had experiences – pun intended – in similar games such as Counter Strike: Global Offensive and most especially, Call of Duty. These games, however, do not share the same tediousness in grinding. Even then, there are power leveling services for them, then it only follows suit for Enlisted to have power levelers as well.

Like what’s been previously said, there is still a lot to be known about Enlisted’s progression system. It is, however, likely to have a general progression system for the account, perks for progressing, and a progression system for the soldiers and their respective classes. Thus, power levelers can provide services related to any of these things.

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