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Steampunk culture is always one of the most endearing, enduring, visually-captivating, and lucrative cultural phenoms. So with a game like Elyon on the horizon, buyers are gonna be scrounging to get their paws on top-tier accounts. This is where gamers with spare accounts, or old accounts that they no longer intend to use decide to sell them to these potential buyers.

People wishing to sell an Elyon account have a host of options in front of them. They can find buyers themselves, sell the account directly to websites, and even sell to other gamers on a player-to-player trading platform. It comes  down to the seller to decide which method they’re most comfortable with.

What Makes Elyon Stand Out

While Elyon’s release has yet to be announced, the buzz surrounding it in the gaming community is already palpable. Currently under development by Krafton for publication by Kakao Games, Elyon (formerly known as Ascent: Infinite Realm) takes players on a wonderfully exciting exodus in their relentless pursuit of a new home. This journey towards their new paradise, however, is halted by the threat of nefarious mechanical beings known as Dark Apostles.

Among the many features that make Elyon such an exciting prospect is the fact that it has a refreshingly dynamic take on MMORPG’s game mechanics. Elyon dares players by pitting them against multiple enemies with challenging non-targeting based skills. The heart-stopping action sequences are yours to unlock!

As with most MMORPG’s, it’s in the customization aspect that separates the wheat from the chaff. And you can rest your head easy on that score because Elyon offers players with full-on Skill Customization galore! Players can achieve this through a wide selection of artifacts, runestones, and their subsequent features.

As for the content, Krafton doesn’t rest on its laurels either! Elyon will feature highly-competitive content designed to test your mettle as a player. Everything from PvP to Faction vs Faction and Realm vs Realm is on the table!

What Changes Has the Game Gone Through

Aside from the obvious name change, Elyon also moved away from its early incarnation which featured a tap-targeting system. This change could actually be a life-saver because the action from the earlier battle style had a rather clunky feel to it—albeit impactful. Since this game came from the same design team that brought us Tera, players who were lucky enough to dip their toes in Elyon’s beta system were rather surprised. Thus, this pivot to a non-targeting based gameplay is a welcome one.

Also, while one might assume that most of Elyon’s content will happen in the air, it’s actually the opposite. This shift in the game’s design owes to the fact that Elyon is much more of a PvP type of game in the eyes of the designers. Another reason that the devs gave was that having too many people up in the air somehow made the world feel less populated. But a word to all the free-spirited aerial aficionados: Don’t despair because you’ll still get to board fantastical airships—particularly in Realm vs Realm battles.

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