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Elune just arrived on mobile quite recently around August 2019. Though still fresh, the hero-collecting RPG is already a massive hit among fans of the genre. With the game revolving around a world that has multiple dimensions, it’s up to you to stop the evil forces lurking within it. But some players don’t have the time to save the world every day—more so when it comes to collecting over 200 heroes that the game has. That’s where you come in. By selling Elune accounts that have great heroes and lots of in-game currency, you can make the lives of these players easier and alleviate the chore of the grind. Turn your love for gaming into a business by selling accounts here at PlayerAuctions!

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How to Make Great Elune Accounts

Selling smurf accounts that don’t really have great stuff in them is profitable and all, but you won’t get the big bucks just by doing that. Having Elune accounts that have rare heroes and lots of currency in them not only ups the price, but also increases your chances of getting more buyers since most, if not all, are looking for high-tier accounts.

Here are some ways to create Elune accounts that onlookers will surely buy!

  1. 1. Grab Rewards and Incentives Daily
  2. It’s not exactly new in the mobile gaming community nowadays, but logging in to get the daily rewards can be huge if you just continue to get them. By simply logging in to the game, you’ll be able to get various rewards that you’d normally have to pay for. The best thing is that it won’t take much time off your schedule; just don’t miss a day when doing this. Better rewards are given out during the end of the week, so make sure to mark your calendar when the game will be giving the special reward! If you’ve got time to spare, then you can stay online for 30-120 in order to get even more rewards. The longer you’re logged in, the better items and the more currency you will get. This resets every midnight, so playing the game for just 1-2 hours is enough to claim the goods!

  3. 2. High Grade and Rare Heroes
  4. Heroes that have a high grade and rarity are the cream of the crop. What’s the difference between grade and rarity you ask? To clarify, grade refers to the maximum level that your hero can have. The higher grade your hero has, the higher its level cap will be. For example, if you have a hero that has 1 star, then its max level can only be until level 10. But if you have a hero that has a 7 star rating, then that hero’s level cap will be 70. To increase the level cap of your heroes, you can use the Evolve function to add one star to your hero’s original grade. Rarity is quite different compared to grade. The higher the rarity, the higher base stats the hero will get. Not to mention that heroes that are Legendary tier will have much more skills compared to common ones. Harness these heroes and collect the good ones, and no doubt the accounts that you’ll be selling will be worth hundreds of dollars!

  5. 3. Join an Alliance
  6. Alliances are commonly known as guilds in Elune. Throughout the world in Elune, you’ll get to see all kinds of Alliances to join. Teaming up with other players in an active Alliance is a great way to save currency thanks to the guild’s funds. There are daily donations in Alliances, giving you plenty of incentive to join one. They’re great for lending you a hand when you’re having difficulty beating certain bosses as well, so you want to be with people who are more than capable of handling precarious situations.