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How Gamers Sell a Dragon Champions Account

When a player decides to sell a Dragon Champions account, the first thing they consider is finding a buyer for it. Generally, the internet is the easiest place for a buyer to do this, with some of the most commonly used methods being social media, forums, and player-to-player trading sites.

Sellers tend to give preference to player-to-player trading sites like PlayerAuctions as they have a large userbase of gamers who review and leave feedback for each other, allowing users to see which sellers and buyers are the most trustworthy. Players sell their account by creating an offer for it at a certain price, waiting for a buyer to take an interest, and then sending over the details once another user has ordered the account.

About Dragon Champions Accounts

Dragon Champions is a game that has a lot on its plate. When pricing and selling a Dragon Champions account, players take a few things into account. This also helps them write their offers to ensure that the buyer of the account has enough information to make a decision on whether they want it or not. A few things that both buyers and sellers think about when it comes to accounts are:

  1. Choosing Factions

    Much like in World of Warcraft where players have to choose between the Alliance and the Horde, the folks over at Dragon Champions also have two main factions that they can pick from--the Order and the Clans. This choice is so important because all of the Heroes in Dragon Champions belong to either the Order or the Clans. For the Clans side, players will have access to a bunch of popular classes such as the Orcs, Goblins, and Trolls. There are also a couple of other types of Heroes that are exclusive to the Clans as well. As for the Order, players will get to have Heroes that are all centered around the theme of justice and order such as Elves and Humans. There are two campaigns that players will be shoved in early on in the game. These are the Rage of the Clans and Dawn of the Order campaign where only specific Heroes are allowed to enter each faction. For the folks that would rather experiment with the other modes that Dragon Champions has to offer, they need not worry about being locked to using only a certain Heroes as the game gives them the freedom to mix and match Heroes from both factions. Note that this only applies to game modes such as Events and Arena mode.

  2. Having A Subscription Pack is A Plus

    There’s a subscription pack in Dragon Champions that players can avail themselves of for 5 USD every month. This gives them 800 Dracoins at first and then 200 Dracoins daily up until they decide to renew their subscription. Dracoins are extremely useful to have and players can’t get enough of them since they can be used in all sorts of ways. In just a month, they can easily net a total of 6,800 Dracoins which is worth 50 USD if players were to buy that much on the game’s store instead. For the most part, the gamers in Dragon Champions use the Dracoins for refills. This is because once they hit level 20+, the leveling process of everything in the game begins to slow down. This means that they have to put in more work and do more quests to be able to level up their Heroes, and since Dragon Champions is a free game, players will have to rely on their refills (similar to the energy bars that are present in other mobile games) to play matches and whatnot. Every move that they make, whether it’s for the campaign mode or going to the Arena, will use up a refill. Always having refills in Dragon Champions is great for players who are having issues in progressing or leveling up. Getting to higher tiers and better challenges is the main focal point of Dragon Champions, after all.

  3. Having The Best Heroes

    There are over 50 Heroes in Dragon Champions for players to recruit to their constantly growing team. This is by far the most important aspect that players ought to look for in a Dragon Champions account. Having at least decent Heroes is the best investment that they could get for themselves if they want to be able to thrive in the endgame. Since it’s possible to have the same Heroes but with different power levels, players are always looking out for the highest power that they can get for certain Heroes. While they can opt to just try to increase the Hero Power of their characters, it’ll ultimately take a long time since they have to do a whole bunch of Campaign and Story Missions. Leveling up a hero is pretty much essential if players want their Heroes to hit harder, have better defenses, and a meatier health bar.

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