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How Gamers Sell a DQT Account

When a gamer decides they want to sell a DQT Account, they want it to be attractive to buyers. There are a few different characteristics that a buyer looks into when finding an account, including:

  • Monster Roster

    - How many high-rarity creatures does the account hold? The more creatures, the more potential for countless strategies and combinations. Team synergy is part of the tactics in the game. It’s harder to create many combinations for certain situations with a small roster. Varied types are also favored by gamers.
  • Levels and Ranks of Monsters

    - Besides a big roster, high monster levels attract buyers as well. Increased attributes on a monster indicates that it will be able to hold its own across a variety of situations.
  • Player Rank

    - This is also the account ranking. It unlocks features and game mechanics with higher levels. It increases stamina capacity and gives some other benefits as well.
  • Amount of Currency

    - Having a good stock of Gold, Gems, and other resources (Scout Tickets, etc.) can raise the value of the account. Buyers won’t have to spend time farming or gathering these resources if they are already on an account.

Where Traders Sell DQT Accounts

There are a number of different online platforms where sellers trade their accounts, such as social media, forums, and chatrooms, but one of the most popular is on player-to-player trading sites. Accessing a marketplace community is desirable for sellers as it opens the door a to a lot of potential buyers. A big community is also a mark of the platform’s longevity.

Those who are interested in trading with others online should also read up on the game’s policies and rules to make an informed decision when choosing to participate in player-to-player trading.

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