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How to Sell Your DotA Underlords Account for Real Money?

DotA fans rejoice because aside from Auto Chess, there’s another new game that’s set to take the gaming world by storm! We’re talking about none other than DotA Underlords. With so many newcomers looking to join in on the fun with seasoned fans, there’s no better time to cash in on the trend than right now! So make a quick buck—or two—by selling your DotA Underlords account right here at PlayerAuctions—the one-stop site for all your game trading needs!

Here’s all you need to do:

  1. Register and log in.
  2. Create an offer so that interested parties may be able to see what you are selling.
  3. When an interested party selects your offer, you will then have to deliver the account details—unless you’ve selected our Automatic Delivery option. In which case, the account will be delivered to the buyer automatically.
  4. Once the buyer checks the account makes the confirmation that everything is in order, we will send you your payment.

What to Prioritize to Sell Your DotA Underlords Account Quickly

The Auto Battler genre is steadily picking up steam as the next big thing. Being a combination of Battle Royale & Tower Defense, it has already spawned phenomenal titles such as Auto Chess and Team Fight Tactics. As the freshest title in the genre, DotA Underlords mobile is as exciting as can be. While still in the open beta phase, it is already establishing itself as a title to be reckoned with.

These are some of the most basic prerequisites you should look for when selling an account:

  • Money – The game will constantly push you to your wits’ end as you attempt a balancing act of which heroes to use. The more money you have, the better heroes you’ll have to win rounds.
  • Seasonal Rank Medals – The current iteration of DotA Underlords has seasonal rank medals in the form of Upstart, Grifter, Outlaw, Enforcer, Smuggler, Lieutenant, Boss, and Big Boss. The higher the rank, the more you can sell the account for.
  • Hero Tiers – Underlords currently has a total of 5 tiers for heroes. The higher the tier your heroes are, the more successful you can be on the board during matches. Of course, the more expensive the account will be as well.
  • Item Tiers – Items on Underlords also has five tiers. As always, the higher the better.


As Underlords is still in its early stages and is rapidly evolving, there will certainly be more updates to come for players to plan their DotA Underlords strategy around and enhance the game’s overall play.

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