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How to Make Money Playing Diablo 2: Resurrected By Using Multiplayer Mode

Sellers often have to think up creative ways on how to level up their buyer’s account as efficiently as they can. Thankfully, for Diablo 2: Resurrected, the answer is already in front of them. Since there’s an option to play the game in solo or multiplayer mode, it certainly helps to have another member to aid them. This is because the total amount of EXP gained for killing monsters will be increased to 35% should one have a teammate that’s in the same area. The number of experience points will also be divided evenly among all of the party members. So for those that are worrying that they’ll get the least amount of EXP in the group, fret not, since each member’s share is equal to their level that’s then divided by the sum of the levels of all the other members.

Keep in mind though that since monsters have more EXP and hit points to offer when there are two or more players in the same area, the usual penalties will be applied, such as characters that already have a high level will only get a small amount of EXP if they’re only killing low-level monsters.

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