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No other gaming franchise—be it tabletop or video game platform—has as much geek cred as Dungeons and Dragons. Since the 1980s, D&D has helped shaped the imagination of children all across the globe. And with DDO, kids (and even the kids at heart) can get a chance to relive past glories as well as go on wondrous new adventures!

With DDO’s popularity, people from all over are sure to be on the lookout for cheap DDO EU Platinum. And this is where you come in! You can sell your surplus of DDO EU Platinum for real cash.

How to Sell DDO EU Platinum Via PlayerAuctions:

  • Sign up as a seller and log in.
  • Create an offer for the DDO EU Platinum you want to sell.
  • Once a buyer picks up on that offer, you may work out the details with them via our onsite messenger. Note that these conversations will be safekept for security and record-keeping purposes.
  • The buyer will then make the confirmation with us, we’ll send your payment.
  • Rinse, repeat. It’s time to create more offers; you can sell as much Platinum for DDO as you want!

Here at PlayerAuctions, sellers have all the chances in the world to earn good cash! With a wide selection of games to sell accounts, currency, items, and even power leveling services for, you’re sure to make a quick buck. Sign up today, start posting your offers, and watch the money roll right in!

The Dungeons and Dragons Online Currency Explained

The formula that DDO uses for its currency is this: 10 to 1 between every denomination. This means that for every Platinum Piece (PP), you get 10 Gold Pieces (GP). Likewise, for every 10 Gold Pieces, you get 100 Silver Pieces (SP). Finally, for every 100 Silver Pieces, you get 1,000 Copper Pieces (CP).

By default, the game conducts transactions using all coin types. This is so that players will get to minimize the final coin count.

Translation: If you sell something that’s priced at 500 GP, you actually receive 50 PP.

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