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Have you had your fill of DBZ Dokkan Battle? Completed all the quests and gained access to all the strong S tier characters? Then why not sell your account through PlayerAuctions instead of deactivating it? You’ll get ample compensation from selling your account, and do so with ease here at PlayerAuctions. The game reached over 15 million downloads within the first three months it was released in Japan, and having been released worldwide led to well over 100 million downloads. With that many players in the game, you’re sure to find a buyer instantly!

How toSell Dokkan Accounts for Real Money

To sell Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Accounts, follow these steps:

  1. Register/log in as a seller.
  2. Upload your DBZ Dokkan Battle Accounts offers.
  3. Once a buyer is interested, our internal system will inform you.
  4. While we secure the buyer’s payment, it will only be released upon you completing the delivery of the account towards the buyer.
  5. The buyer will then confirm that they have received the account/s, releasing your payment.

Tip: Instead of having to deliver the account manually, you can make your life easier by using our instant delivery option, so once a buyer avails the account, you can get your payment and the buyer will have their account in no time at all!

Things that DBZ Dokkan Battle Account Buyers Look For

Buyers are picky about what account they’re after, so we’ve come up with a list for you on what buyers look for in a DBZ Dokkan Battle Account.

Characters/Summons Cards

The characters are an integral part of the game. The more strong characters you have, the better. Ultra Rare and Legendary Rare Card units that boast high stats and great leadership skills are what players want on their team to easily annihilate the opponents. It’s important to also detail what the characters are. For example, if they see you have an Ultimate Super Saiyan Super Saiyan 4 Goku that’s at max level, chances are they’re more interested in buying your account than they were before!

Potential Orbs

Potential orbs are used for the Hidden Potential System, which is a system where you can improve a character and even go beyond the max level of a character! Since potential orbs are items that are needed to unlock nodes in the Hidden Potential System, these are in high demand for buyers who are looking to make the characters grow to their full potential. There are three kinds, namely small, medium, and large orbs. Having a significant amount of these orbs is an incentive that can push potential onlookers to buy your account.

Baba Crystals

Baba Crystals can be traded for a variety of items in the Baba store. Among those things, you can trade them for new units that range from SSR to UR tiers. You can also get other things like Old Kai units and Medals. The Baba store is a feature that’s highly used by players to get all kinds of strong characters, and the inventory of the stores updates every after a few months, so having lots of Baba crystals help buyers get new units that may not return in the store again in the future.

Why Sell My DBZ Dokkan Battle Account Here?

You don’t have to ask yourself “how much can I sell my Dokkan Account?” as we give sellers like you the freedom to set your own prices. Aside from that, we also have over 250 games in our library in case you also want to sell accounts and services like boosting to other platforms. Here at PlayerAuctions, we make trades fun and easy for everyone!