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How Players Make Money Playing DbD Mobile

Killers have heightened senses that can detect survivors with ease and superhuman strength beyond human comprehension. To escape in the first place, the survivors must utilize the obstacles around their vicinity. These can come in the form of windows, wooden pallets, and other kinds of items. Before the match officially starts, the survivors have the chance to formulate some sort of game plan that they can execute to cover all bases. The survivors must repair the five generators that are found around the entire map. These with power the exit gates that will then open so that they can leave the area.

Since trying to accomplish all of this isn’t the easiest thing in the world, there are some players who look for power levelers or sellers who are able to help them in their mission. Power levelers are usually players who are particularly skilled or knowledgeable about the game and have decided to try and make money playing DbD by selling services.

How to Survive in DbD Like a Pro

For players who want to have a crack at getting ahead of the game on their own, here are some tips on how to survive like a pro:

  1. Don’t Forget to Use Perks and Tools

    Being a survivor isn’t all the bad. While at first glance a survivor may just look like a useless, sack of meat ready to be butchered, they can use different perks and tools that can not only aid their other fellow survivors but themselves. These perks come in the form of being able to break hooks more easily, using first aid kits faster the usual to heal back up, and a quicker time in repairing generators. Since there are different characters in Dead By Daylight, the perks & tools that each character can use differs from the others. So long as the survivors use these tools and perks effectively, they might just be able to live for another day.

  2. Saving Teammates

    Helping other teammates such as getting them off the hook or healing them isn’t only beneficial for the entire team, but for the player as well. This is because it’ll help them rank/level up in the game, regardless of whether or not they win. Using the perks and tools available to them, they’ll be able to stand a chance should the killer show up for an ambush. Remember: those who don’t follow the rules are scum, but those who betray their comrades and/or friends are even worse than scum.

For the Killer at Heart

Being the killer in Dead By Daylight can either be fun or nerve-wracking to some people. It’s fun to be able to feel like an all-powerful being that’s capable of doing supernatural stuff, but at the same time, players might feel nervous because of all the pressure of trying to eliminate all of the survivors. Killers work alone, making it not exactly the perfect situation for a team player. But for those who are a killer at heart in Dead By Daylight, then this is how they can up their game:

  1. Keeping Survivors Alive, But on The Hook

    For a survivor, once they’re hooked, it’s difficult for them to de-hook themselves. This is the perfect chance for the killer to hide and possibly bait another survivor that’s looking to help them. This way, the killer can hit two birds with just one stone. Should the hooked survivor manage to escape, then they might just give off the other survivors’ location--the perfect chance for a killer to make minced meat out of them.

  2. Choose One Killer to Prioritize

    The player needs to pick the killer that they want and stick with it. The reason is that as they progress through the game, the kill will be able to grow more powerful and efficient. Leveling up a killer can take some time, so why not just prioritize one character instead of being a jack of all trades and a master of none? More levels mean more Bloodpoint earnings. The more earnings a player accumulates, the better their perks will become in turn.

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