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There are many ways players are able to enjoy Dead by Daylight. They can play as either a killer or one of the survivors and try to get the most out of what either side brings, continuing to grow their account. There are even gamers out there who want to sell a Dead by Daylight Mobile Account.

Why Do Gamers Sell a Dead by Daylight Mobile Account?

The biggest incentive for some gamers to sell their Dead by Daylight account is the fact that there are lots of players that want to play the game but don’t have the time to grind.

More often than not, when a gamer decides to stop playing a game or moves onto a new one, they just leave their old account to gather dust and rot away. As there are gamers out there who are interested in buying accounts, some players decide to sell their DBD account to allow others to get some use out of it.

As such, how much a buyer is willing to pay for a Dead by Daylight Mobile Account lies on its level, total worth of skins, ranking, and amount of Bloodpoints and Iridescent Shards. The higher these are, the likelier it is to be sold at a higher price.

What Are Survivors and Killers?

Much like many other multiplayer games, the biggest selling point of Dead by Daylight would be the fact that there are no two same matches. This is true even when playing with the same people in a team. To make the experience even more diverse, matchmaking makes sure that players meet different people every so often.

Aside from that, the game’s replayability is helped by the fact that the game has ranking matches. The lowest rank is at 20, while the highest is 1. To increase in ranking, players must gain enough pips. Also, for survivors, they can make a party of four and play ranked games together. Last but not the least, players get access to Bloodpoints, which are awarded every match and are used to improve survivor or killer abilities.

To further give players customization, they can get skins for both survivors and killers using the in-game premium currency, Iridescent Shards. This is obtained by either leveling up, or buying it using real life currency.

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