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Selling Your CS:GO Skins for Real Money 2019

CS:GO players are always on the lookout for skins to make their characters more powerful and stand out in the game. Have a passion for playing CS:GO and making money while gunning down your enemies? Make real money within minutes by selling CS:GO skins and keys on PlayerAuctions.

Our simple process, combined with the help of our pricing tool that allows you to quickly set the most competitive price for your skin, helps you secure buyers faster than ever.

How to Sell CS:GO Skins for Cash

Start selling CS:GO skins on PlayerAuctions by following our simple process:

  1. Register and set-up an exclusive account with us for free.
  2. Select your preferred disbursement method and become a registered seller with us.
  3. Post your item: Enter your Steam trade URL and choose the product from our inventory.
  4. Once a buyer is secured, your order is delivered directly by our bots.
  5. Enjoy receiving payments at the comfort of your couch once your item is delivered.

Sell CS:GO Skin and Keys for Real Money

Wondering how much you can make by selling your CS:GO skins? Here’s our list of the ten most expensive skins:*

  1. Medusa (AWP)
  2. On sale for $1,800 and features an image of a gorgon.

  3. Fire Serpent (AK-47)
  4. On sale for a hefty price tag of $4,500 and features a fire serpent motif.

  5. Akihabara Accept (AUG)
  6. On sale for $1,500 and features a heat transfer vinyl of an anime magazine cover.

  7. M9 Bayonet Autotronic
  8. On sale for $1,073.49 and can be mounted on top of a rifle. Great for close-quarters combat.

  9. Bowie Knife Doppler
  10. On sale for $1150.00 and sports silver and black metallic paints with a spectacular candy-coated finish.

  11. StatTrack Karambit Crimson Web
  12. On sale for $50,000 and features a reverse grip with a finger ring on the index finger and a stunning red color.

  13. Karambit Case Hardened Factory New
  14. Available for a whopping price of $100,000, and features a curved blade with a finger ring on the index finger and is styled in multi-metallic paints to give marble-like effects.

  15. Master Piece (M4A1-S)
  16. Has a price tag of $2,900 and is signed by MVP Håvard “rain” Nygaard, with a faint homage to the Mona Lisa smile.

  17. 9. Howl (M4A4)
  18. A rare skin that enjoys a rather coveted status in the game with a price tag of $3,700.

  19. 10. Driver Gloves Lunar Weave
  20. On sale for $1,779.55 and features midnight-blue suede paired with jet black leather to offer protection and style.

*Note: All prices listed in this section are for reference purposes and can fluctuate over time.

About Selling CSGO Skins & Keys

One of the many things that sets Counter Strike: Global Offensive apart from its predecessors would be the inclusion of weapons that have skins, making them look a lot cooler and more colorful than their default versions. They give a sense of bragging rights, achievement, elevated status, and overall awesomeness. In fact, they have become so popular and sought-after, that the CSGO market is full of people who buy and sell CSGO skins. So if you’re a seasoned CS:GO player who doesn’t care much for these unique-looking guns, of if you’re a starving student that needs to pay the bills then you can sell the skins you get to make a quick buck or two - or even thousands. Completely legit.

The CSGO Market: Buy and Sell Popular CSGO Skins

However, not all skins are created equal, as there are skins that, whether because of aesthetic or trend-related reasons, have become greatly coveted and fetch very very high prices. Here are three examples of those sweet-looking skins that players want to get their hands on or sell for a fortune.

  • StatTrak SSG 08|Blood in the Water – aptly named as such, it features a deep-bloody red hue on the part of the body near the barrel, and the detailed drawing of a blue shark near the stock. If such a cool-looking gun can’t make you feel like a hunter, or convince you to pick up this underdog of a sniper rifle, then nothing else will.

  • Dual Berettas|Cobalt Quartz – whether it’s a movie, comic book, or video game, wielding a pistol on both hands is an epitome of coolness. But if you think it can’t get any cooler than that, you haven’t seen the Dual Berettas|Cobalt Quartz yet. We mean that somewhat literally, because the seemingly electric ice-blueness and the lines featured on its design can give you a chills at first glance

  • AWP |Dragon Lore – you have to admit: the AWP|Dragon Lore has an awesome-looking medieval design that features an olive-green base; olive-and-black checkered scope, stock, and barrel; and a fire-breathing dragon design. And aside from its top-class aesthetics, it fetches a rather high price: a whopping $2155, or 750 keys. Worth the money, right?

Around the CSGO Marketplace, Buy and Sell CSGO Items

Whether you want to look unique, dashing, or a little intimidating, there is definitely a demand for people who want to buy CSGO Skins. On the other hand, if you want to profit from CS:GO, you have to get your hands on some of them. If you hope to sell CSGO skins, you are on the right track as they’re the bestselling items on the CSGO market today. But, before getting one, you have to know where to get them. Thankfully, there is more than one way.

First off would be through leveling up. This is because usually, for every level-up, the game awards you with a random skin. This is a free and reliable method, but you don’t know which one you’ll get. Maybe what will be given to you isn’t what you want, or maybe it’s not worth anything. But hey, can’t complain: it’s free. Next would be through opening cases. Cases are rewards for a job well done in your games, and they contain skins. Cases, however, contain items other than skins, and they require keys in order to be opened. To get a key, you can buy them from the game itself, or from those who sell CSGO keys online. Last but definitely not least would be to buy your skin of choice from the online CSGO market on Steam. The problem with selling CSGO skins there is that there is a $250 limit placed on for sale offers. Additionally, you can’t really cash out. So if you had an item that was worth more than $250 according to market demand, then the Steam marketplace isn’t conducive to such a trade. Additionally, very few people would want hundreds of dollars’ worth of steam credits anyway.

Thankfully, the online market is always open, but there are two problems. First, a lot of sites have killer registration fees (or hidden processing fees), which means not getting as much bang for your buck. Second, there are sites that will swindle you. But don’t fear, because PlayerAuctions is here for you.

PlayerAuctions: Sell CSGO Keys and Other CSGO Trading

If you want to buy or sell CSGO keys, items, and skins, PlayerAuctions is the place to be. We are a player-to-player online trading platform; that means we give players a convenient venue to transact amongst themselves.

We love and take care of our sellers, as we don't have registration fees so it is completely free to set up an account and start selling immediately. Our seller costs are nowhere near as high as other sites that provide similar services and they are transparent in our FAQ section. It’s never a hassle to sell with us; just click on the sell button at the top-right corner, register, and you’re all set.

More importantly, with PlayerAuctions, you are in safe hands, as we have put in place a system that protects the items, money, and personal data of both our buyers and sellers. We have been doing this for more than 15 years, and with that our risk management system boasts transactional history data spanning more than a decade of fraud and risk tracking

And aside from catering to a CSGO Market, we also offer services for a wide variety of game titles and genres. That means you no longer have to jump from one player-to-player trading site to another, which is a risky thing to do, not to mention a hassle.

Have a happy trading experience here at PlayerAuctions. Remember, finger on the trigger, eyes on the price.