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Want to make a business out of selling in-game assets and accounts? PlayerAuctions is the best marketplace to do exactly all of those things. You can sell fresh accounts here without any hassle and we have tools to help you boost your sales as well. So whether you’re loading off some high-ranked accounts of your own because you’re retiring from the CSGO scene, our community is your best bet to cash in!

How to Sell Your CSGO Accounts for Real Money

To sell CSGO accounts, follow these steps:

  1. Register/log in as a seller.
  2. Fill up all the information needed on the registration form that we have provided.
  3. Begin posting your offers on the CSGO accounts page.
  4. Once we have found a buyer interested in transacting with you, we will notify you. If you do not want to have the instant delivery option, deliver the account to the buyer manually and wait for them to verify the account for themselves.
  5. Wait for the buyer to confirm the payment on our system and get paid.

The instant delivery is only available for account sellers, so why not make the most out of this situation and make your life easier. We recommend you enable this option as in the long run it’ll not be only easier for the buyer, but for you well. To do this, you must add all the account details into our system before the offer is up to the public. Instead of you having to message a buyer once they have availed one of your offers, we will do it for you. 

What Buyers Are Looking For In A CSGO Account

Things can be a bit tricky because CSGO Accounts are directly connected to Steam since Counter Strike was made by Valve, so in a nutshell you’ll be selling your Steam account that has the CSGO game in it, intact with the other knick knacks that come inside the game. We’ve created this mini guide for you to know what players are looking for most of the time when in search of a CSGO account.

One of the most important factors is the level of the account. Since a higher level means better loot, buyers try to take advantage of this by purchasing accounts that have are of mid to high level.

Profile Ranking System

Here, you get to upgrade your profile rank based on the rounds you win in matches. Additional XP is earned based on your team’s performance and the game determines your XP based on the number of rounds you win in Competitive mode. The XP you earn is based on your individual scores in all game modes other than in competitive. There are a total of 40 Profile ranks in the game and each is designed to offer different service medals and skin drops based on your profile rank.








Master Sergeant


Master Sergeant


Sergeant Major










Brigadier General


Major General


Lieutenant General




Global General


Skins have been a quintessential part of CSGO since its release. When talk about rare CSGO skins, it usually means a melee weapon or knife skins. While there are skins for guns as well, knife skins are uncommon and more expensive because you can only get them by opening crates. Having a skin, like say, the Karambit Doppler Black Pears which is popular because of its unusual look and spinning animations can push your chances of finding a buyer tenfold.

Why Sell CSGO Accounts In PlayerAuctions?

We’re confident that we can find a buyer for you who is looking for Counter Strike: Global Offensive Accounts as we have more than a million users from around the world and more than 250 games each with their own unique offers. Plus with tools like the instant delivery for account sellers and advertisement options to boost your sales, PlayerAuctions is the ideal marketplace for you to buy and sell.

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