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There are many ways to make money playing Crowfall Online. Some, however, require players to farm items or gold, or give up their hard-played accounts or sell someone else’s. A good and more enjoyable alternative to that is providing Crowfall Online services for sale. 

It’s a foregone conclusion that the biggest reason to be a Crowfall Online Power Leveler is to earn money. Nevertheless, it helps Power Levelers to know that they are helping fellow players when they decide to do so. For these players, the question is not money but time, and they very much appreciate someone else spending the time for their characters to become more powerful.

How to Power-Level in Crowfall

Thankfully, there are many ways to level up quickly. While the usual advice is to stick to the storyline quests, the faster alternative is to simply grind on monsters that are close to the level of the character. This is because EXP gained scales according to the level of the monster being killed. 

Within hours, power levelers should be able to reach the level cap. It helps that the cap is only at level 30. This is because the game is more focused on PVP, raiding, and other endgame content.

Setting a Price on Crowfall Power Leveling Services

Because it’s the power levelers that sell Crowfall Power Leveling, they have the freedom to set any price on it. Nevertheless, it is recommended that they keep its price close to the terms of their services. The more levels or the faster they can level up characters, the more will potential buyers understand the high price behind it.

On the other hand, buyers can negotiate regarding the terms. They can ask for fewer levels or a slower leveling process in exchange for lower prices, or perhaps an even faster leveling process in exchange for a higher price. Whether the power leveler will accept or not purely depends on him or her, what matters, in the end, is that both parties benefit. 

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