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Crafting is one of the most important parts of Crowfall and provides a breath of fresh air compared to the other games that undermine its significance. As Crowfall items can only be made through crafting or purchased from other vendors, players no longer have to fight multiple bosses just to have that ultra epic weapon.

Selling Crowfall Items

Due to the expenses incurred when setting up a vendor on your Eternal Kingdom, most players would rather sell to vendor NPCs or other players directly. While resources and crafting materials can be lucrative, it’s better to keep them for camp or kingdom upgrades.

The best items to sell are mounts, junk loot, lores, and crafted items. Mounts are very valuable and they can be sold for 8k gold if they’ve been upgraded to the ‘Swift’ version. Clearing camps will reward several pieces of equipment that can also be sold to vendors.

Lores are items that can boost a player’s and their allies’ leveling ability. Unused ones can be sold to other players. Keeping only the ones to use and selling the rest can give ample amounts of gold. Lores may be somewhat rare or uncommon, but players can get significant amounts of them, especially in longer-lasting realms.

Lastly, learning to craft basic equipment such as quivers and poisons at the start can bring in the gold. Being PvP focused, players would die because of various causes. Whether they lost a battle against another or picked a fight with a mob they can’t defeat, they’ll inevitably lose their stuff. They’ll have to replace their equipment, and craftsmen are the best source. Drops from mobs aren’t too good, though those from other players can be quite good.

The Secret to Getting Crowfall Items

Apart from the usual antics that players can get into, crafting in Crowfall can be categorized as an action that’s extremely useful when mastered. This is because crafting is the backbone of Crowfall’s in-game economy. Through it, players can create siege machines, equipment, and even buildings. Usually, in other online games, crafting only plays a secondary role compared to doing battle in the perilous dungeons. More often than not, the best items in video games could only be acquired by defeating raid bosses. Therefore, the use case scenario is usually thought to be not as critical. Players who are dreaming of getting that certain rare or powerful item would have to have a confrontation with enemies that can be rather back-breaking to take down. In doing so, the production of the items in those games takes a backseat. In the case of Crowfall though, crafting has been pushed into the limelight and takes on a more valuable role than ever before. This is because there are no raids in Crowfall. No raids mean no bosses that drop the best gear in the game. If players want to have all of the best items in Crowfall, then they would have to either purchase or create them with their own two hands.

The underlying secret to getting all of the best Crowfall items is hidden in plain sight - players must understand and take on the role of a dedicated crafter. There are a plethora of professions that they can pick and choose from as well. Compiled below are some of the more popular professions that gamers usually take on when playing Crowfall:

  1. Runecrafting

    Often referred to as a player-friendly profession, Runecrafting is perfect for those just starting in Crowfall. It is the essential tool maker for all of the gathering disciplines in the game, making it flexible in that regard. Players can expect to use a wide variety of items such as Ores, Stone, and Wood when undertaking the Runecrafting profession. This is due to the nature of Runecrafting having multiple dependencies. All a player would need to start the profession is to have a Runecrafting Station to start inscribing, making it an easy-to-start profession compared to the other options in Crowfall.

  2. Armorsmithing/Weaponsmithing

    Armorsmithing is a craft that is of medium difficulty. Requiring a fair bit of resources to have just a single item, players will have to keep in mind that engaging in the art of Armorsmithing means that they will have to utilize bits and pieces from other people from different professions such as a Leatherworker. With that, it’s recommended that players who are keen on getting into the Armorsmithing profession ought to have a friend or two to do a bit of trading. The Armorsmithing profession’s specialty is the production of Mail and Plate armor which are used by combat classes. Miners will often be the Armorsmither’s biggest partner when it comes to providing the raw materials.

    On the other hand, Weaponsmithing can be argued as an easier profession to get into when compared to Armorsmithing. However, it can still be considered as a craft that stays along the lines of medium difficulty. Weaponsmiths have a wider array of items they’re able to craft thanks to having a much lower non-basic resource cost of production. In other words, Weaponsmiths don’t face the problem of not finding something to craft. Much like the Armorsmithing profession, Weaponsmithing players will be dependent on the Miners and Leatherworkers to have the materials sorted out. Since both professions use the Blacksmithing Station, some players delve into both professions hand-in-hand to take advantage of having to use just one station for all of their crafting needs.

  3. Stonemasonry

    Referred to as the master crafter of buildings, the Stonemasonry profession can range from a mid to a high difficulty craft. Players that excel in the Stonemasonry profession can craft parcels, buildings, and even the stalls of the vendors. They’re also able to make chests which are extremely useful for expanding one’s storage. Defensive walls can also be built and are most of the time used for shielding purposes. Players that are dead set to commit themselves into Stonemasonry are recommended to focus on making stalls for the vendors and chests first before trying to make a building or two. For gamers that are still in Crowfall’s early game progression, they should try other professions first instead before going head straight into Stonemasonry as it’s a non-essential type of profession.

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