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The vendors in Crowfall don’t exactly have affordable wares. They charge quite a hefty amount of gold for each of their products - now that’s one way to turn off a buyer. Other players who are just starting their Crowfall adventure have the constant conundrum of always having to collect a good sum of gold before they get to do anything in the game. There are Adventure Zones that can be of help since players can kill monsters and gather resources from there, but within a period, they’ll realize that running amuck of the world and killing off NPCs only yields a minuscule amount of coin. Sooner or later, especially when a player gets to the later parts of Crowfall, doing such repetitive things just isn’t worth their time especially if they have a particular item that they’re after.

The Secret to Farming Gold in Crowfall

Players can tackle quests and drive the monsters in the many Adventure Zones extinct as much as they want, but the definitive way to earning gold in Crowfall minus the sweat and tears is by doing mobs. Mobs aren’t anything new as they’ve been commonly seen within the MMO genre. Many gamers think of mobs as their comfort food when playing MMORPGs and it’s easy to see why. Mobs are easily recognizable as they are indicated on the map as small, black icons. Through mobs, players can easily earn up from 100 to 200 gold per monster that they kill. They’re not a problem to find either as players can expect to see at least one mob per square on the map. This means that no matter where a player is or how far they are, they’ll always manage to find a mob within their vicinity. Humanoid mobs, in particular, are considered to be the best to stick with as they tend to drop more gold compared to the ones that have the usual monsters in them.

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