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About Selling Crowfall Accounts

Whatever a seller’s reason for selling a Crowfall account, there are a few things they have to consider so they can set a price on it. These are also what a buyer may look for in the account.

  • Choice of Vessels - As a Crow, they may choose to have more than one vessel. With a choice of 12 races and 11 classes, there’s a handful of combinations limited by which races can become which classes. Buyers may prefer some classes or races over the others, or they might want a relatively clean account with only one or two vessels.
  • Resources Stockpiled - Much of the game revolves around gathering materials. It’s necessary for fortifying any territory as well as the Eternal Kingdom. It’s also used in crafting equipment which can then be used or sold to other players. Having a stockpile of these is surely a boon for the buyer.
  • Guild Joined - Is the guild active or not? Of course, leaving and joining another is easy enough, but the account having a guild already saves time looking for one. Take note that some buyers might prefer having none.
  • Account Type - Accounts that either backed the Kickstarter, purchased a pack or joined the beta testing can have rewards unavailable to regular accounts. These extra rewards can push an account’s value, especially the beta tester ones. They can’t be obtained anymore, as that period has passed. The packs could become unavailable too in the far future, making accounts with them valuable as well.
  • Eternal Kingdom Upgrades - As a world that won’t reset, the investments poured onto the realm won’t easily be erased. It makes the land flourish, giving profit to the owner. With that out of the way, resources can be used for other endeavors instead, such as crafting.

Buyers may have their criteria for choosing an account, but the ones above are the most pertinent. Some of these characteristics also increase the value of an account, so price accordingly. An expensive account with nothing in it won’t sell, for example. Too cheap, and the seller won’t be able to profit. A balance should be achieved. Some buyers may also want to negotiate the price, so sellers should indicate if that’s welcome to them. 

Where to Sell Crowfall Account

Sellers should find a reliable online marketplace to sell on. They will provide security, players to trade with, and won’t cut into a seller’s profits. Though they may have systems that mitigate risk, accidents can still happen. Sellers should read up on the game’s and the marketplace’s policies about these transactions. Being prepared for accidents helps reduce the risk of trading in this way.

At any rate, have fun playing the game, and happy trading!

How Much is My Crowfall Account Worth?

Ready to sell your Crowfall account? Taking into consideration the high demand for the game, now is the best time for you to sell your Crowfall account and make some good money.

If you’re thinking how much is my Crowfall account worth, here is a break-down of how much you can make by selling your account:

  • Early Backer($30-40)
  • Copper ($50-100)
  • Bronze ($100-200)
  • Silver/Gold ($200-400)
  • Amber ($400-500)
  • Sapphire ($500-800)
  • Ruby ($800-1000)
  • Emerald/ Diamond (unknown, go for a high one)

*Prices are for reference purposes only. They depend highly on the specific package and the items that it contains and can also be subjected to fluctuation at any given time.

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