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Selling Information

COREPUNK is a new top-down MMORPG sandbox that uses the Fog-of-War feature similar to RTS games. You can explore the world, run dungeons, do quests, and even kill other players for Honor. Your characters can have classes, and you can build them in a myriad of ways. Due to the game’s artifact system, you might not have the same playstyle as someone else with a similar class and passives.

It also promises a story with deep lore and mysteries in every corner of the world. Kwalat awaits and it is yours for the taking!

How Gamers Make Money Playing Corepunk

Gamers who are particularly skilled at Corepunk are able to make money playing the game by selling services to other players. These could be things such as leveling their accounts, acquiring items or weapons, completing specific tasks, etc. Really, Corepunk power levelers are able to make money doing just about anything a buyer wants them to do in game.

Types of COREPUNK Power Leveling Services

  • PvP - Farm Honor Points and other PvP related things for these offers.
  • PvE/General Leveling - These are the offers where you level the character up through grinding, questing, or boss hunting.
  • Farming - Your buyer might need materials or currency they don’t have the time to collect. Otherwise, they could be looking for a weapon or artifact that drops rarely.
  • Custom - For anything else that doesn’t quite fit the categories above, you can set this kind of offer. Exploration is one example since the game employs a Fog-of-War feature.

In the future, there can be even more types of service you can offer. The game hasn’t been in closed beta yet, so there are features and activities that have yet to be unveiled. Let’s look forward to the game’s release.

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