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Sell Combat Arms US Items for Real Money

You can’t play a game named Combat Arms without lethal weapons and items in your arsenal. Procuring them, however, can sometimes be a tall order. Players will need to grind relentlessly and spend Gear Points just to beef up their items cache. Good thing they now have you! By selling much-needed Combat Arms US items, you can help others reach the rank of Commander-in-Chief while earning some cash for yourself!

To sell prime Combat Gear items via PlayerAuctions, follow these quick steps!

  1. Register and log in to start selling!
  2. Post an offer. Make it as detailed as possible to avoid potential disputes. Also, while we leave pricing up to you, we highly recommend that you put a fair price on the items you intend to sell so you can entice would-be buyers and make a decent amount for yourself.
  3. You’ll then need to coordinate with the buyer to work out the kinks of the trade.

Note: All communication with the buyer via the onsite messenger will be recorded for safekeeping purposes.

  1. Deliver the items in-game. The buyer will then check if everything is as described in the offer and make the confirmation in our system. Once done, we’ll promptly send you your payment.
  2. Congratulations! You’ve made money just by selling Combat Arms items. Create as many offers as you want!

Combat Arms Items and Gear

Combat Arms items and gear are categorized as follows:

  • Head – Under this category are caps, berets, boonie hats, cowboy hats, bandanas, helmets, and more!
  • Face – Items such as glasses, eye patches, goggles, and various types of masks fall under this category.
  • Uniform – The uniforms family comprises of various camo styles such as the arctic, desert, urban, woodland, flecktarn, and tiger stripe camos.
  • Vest – The different types of vests featured in Combat Arms include assault vests, light vests, tactical vests, recon vests, skeleton vests, steampunk vests, SWAT vests, and more.
  • Backpack – Aside from the standard backpack, there are terrain backpacks, modular backpacks, trench backpack, rifleman’s backpacks, and many others.

At PlayerAuctions, you’ve got all the opportunities to make a quick buck! Why let those precious items stand idly by? Put ‘em up by creating offers on our Combat Arms US items page today!

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