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Make Money Playing Combat Arms

Want to put your shooting skills to the test while earning money at the same time? That’s easy–be one of our Combat Arms Rank Boosting and Combat Arms Player Ranking Boosting service providers! Here at PlayerAuctions, we guarantee that you will get paid fairly and you’ll easily find players that are eager to avail of your services.

What Boosting Services Can I Offer for Combat Arms?

Much like other military-themed online shooters like Call of Duty and Counter

Strike, you will be providing Combat Arms Rank Boosting for your paying customers. There are over 61 ranks in Combat Arms, with the highest being Commander-in-Chief.

You can also provide Combat Arms Player Ranking Boosting. You can offer the kind that will help a player move up a category or two, or three, and even all the way to War Veteran. If you can, that is.

How Much Should My Combat Arms Boosting Services Cost?

We at PlayerAuctions leave it to our sellers and power levelers to aptly price their offers. However, we highly recommend that you set a fair price based on how many ranks or how high the ranking you can achieve within a specific period of time. The longer it is, the fairer it is to put a high price on your offer. At the same time, we also recommend that you do not charge beyond the usual pricing. This way, potential buyers won’t be put off in case they want your services.

How to be a PlayerAuctions Combat Arms Rank Booster

Thank you for choosing to be one of our Combat Arms Power Leveling Service providers. Specifically, Rank Boosters and Player Rankings Boosters. Before you can create an offer, you have to first be one of our Verified Sellers. To do that, you need to agree with our trading policies, have a total of five successful sales, and have had at least one sale within 90 days.

Once you’re considered as such, you can now create a Power Leveling offer. Keep in mind that you can only create one offer at a time, and that you need to make a $70 deposit to the Power Leveling Reserve Fund. This is to ensure that you will be giving clients dependable and trustworthy services. The deposit will be returned to you once the transaction has been completed.

The terms of the service you’ll provide are up to you. However, we recommend that you correspond with the buyer so you can fine-tune it. This way, both parties will benefit from the transaction, and potential disputes can be avoided.

Once the terms have been achieved, return the account to the client. Upon his/her confirmation of return and achievement of the terms you’ve agreed on, the payment will be sent to you 3 to 5 days later.

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