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Taking a cue from CS:GO, Combat Arms is perhaps one of the most underrated First-Person Shooters in the gaming scene. But as under the radar as it may be, it sure is one heck of a game! It’s filled to the brim with non-stop action and it’s uber fun to boot! And that’s precisely why you’ll never run out of potential buyers for your Combat Arms account. So if you’ve got one that you aren’t using anymore, or simply have extra ones lying around, why not earn some cold hard cash from it?

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How to Sell Your Combat Arms Account

Despite being a long-running game, Combat Arms still holds a relevant place in the pantheon of tactical shooters today. To sell your Combat Arms account, just follow these five easy steps:

  1. Create an account as a seller (or simply log on if you’re already registered).
  2. Post an offer. Make it a detailed as possible to avoid misunderstandings with potential buyers.
  3. Once a buyer picks up on your offer, you may then send the details of the account. Note that you can skip this step should you choose Automatic Delivery right at the onset.
  4. The buyer will then confirm with us if the account is as described in the offer.
  5. Once confirmed, we’ll promptly send your payment. Congratulations! You may create as many offers as you want!


Why Combat Arms is Still Playable Today

Though Combat Arms has been around for quite a while, it’s still relevant in today’s gaming scene. In 2020, it’s still very much a playable game. That’s why you’re sure to find quick buyers should you decide to sell your Combat Arms account.

  • Diverse weaponry – With over 250 customizable weapons to choose from, you won’t be left defenseless on the combat grounds!
  • Map Variety – Combat Arms as over 70 maps for players to traverse and go bananas over!
  • Exciting Game Modes – With over 12 game modes to choose from, the party never stops!
  • Top-Notch Ranking System – The competitive ladder in Combat Arms is quite a draw as it meticulously follows key stats in your game. You can see first-hand how your character ranks up from mere trainee to full-fledged general!
  • Superior Character Customization – With loads of cosmetics to choose from, you’ll never run out of opportunities to tweak your character!
  • Great Clan System – You’re free to take part in action-packed clan matches.


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