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What Buyers Want in a Chronicles of Elyria Account

Family Background

Families are vital to the land and kingdom management systems as, more often than not, these families build up their land, form towns, and establish growing dynasties for generations to come in order to cement themselves in the history of Chronicles of Elyria. Families that are powerful may become nobles, working their way up in the governing system to become kings and queens.

That being said, the family you select has a huge impact on your social experience, and not just when interacting with other family members. Your choice of family and their social class impacts how other NPCs, OPCs, and players interact with you.

Fame & Reputation

Reputation is how well-received your identity is. Your Fame is a measure of how well your name/identity is known. The more famous you are, the more people will recognize you if you're mentioned in a conversation, and will more likely your reputation will spread.

Similar to your reputation, your fame changes over time as a result of the things that you do throughout the lifespan of your character–be it good or bad. This will also affect other people or the story. Completing things such as achievements, finishing tasks, and even just crafting items which you can sell to others can all have a direct impact on your fame.

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