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Sell Chimeraland Rubies for Real Money

Selling hard-earned Rubies can earn sellers serious profit. Players can sell their Rubies for a good price through a trusted marketplace. Selling through a marketplace means sellers can reach more people within the Chimeraland community. Since Rubies are such a precious commodity in Chimeraland, the demand for them will remain consistently high. Selling Rubies means players need to have a good amount of them available on their account.

Much of the progression in the game is locked behind Ruby only consumables or weapons and armor, this mechanic means that without acquiring the requisite number of Rubies, some players will find it impossible to progress further, sellers can play a valuable role here in opening up the game to more players.

How Sellers Can Chimeraland Ruby

  1. Sell items for Rubies.

    Players can sell their items for Rubies. When there is a high demand for a rare item or material, players usually offer to buy them for Rubies. Players can grind strong monsters like Sparrodact which drops rare weapons and materials. They can also opt to plant Venus Flytraps on their farm for a chance of Inkdrops or Blushpuffs eggs that often have a high demand as well.

  2. Farm gold mines to craft leather

    Leather is one of the items which consistently has high demand because it is always used in gear crafting. Players can farm any of the gold mines (red/gold/white) to obtain the necessary materials for crafting leather. Leather can fetch a good number of Rubies.

  3. Earn Rubies through events or quests

    Events are a way to keep players interested in the game. Events often give out free items or currency to players that manage to log-in during the event. There are a few quests that can reward players with Rubies as well. Sellers should make sure to keep an eye out for these to earn Rubies as well!

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