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Sell Chimeraland Powerleveling Services to Players Who Need Help

It’s normal for first-time players to struggle during the early parts of the game as they adjust to the gameplay and nuances of the title they’re playing. In the case of Chimeraland, leveling services can provide an advantage to these gamers, as it would allow them to get the stats and Battle Power they need to proceed through the challenges flawlessly.

Make Money Playing Chimerland: How to Level Up Quickly

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how sellers can level up quickly in Chimeraland:

  1. Do Bounty Quests

    Doing bounty quests are arguably the best way to level up quickly in Chimeraland. Gamers can acquire these quests by going into the Tribe, where players can freely claim them. Note that all players can only do six bounty quests in a day.

    Moreover, some of the quests aren’t exactly easy to complete; their difficulty is ranked by the number of stars they have:


    Rewards and EXP Gained


    1830 EXP, Inkblack Stone, Common Grade Toy Gift, and Golden Thread.


    4580 EXP, Inkblack Stone, Common Grade Toy Gift, and Golden Thread.


    9165 EXP, Inkblack Stone, Rare Grade Toy Gift, and Golden Thread.


    10080 EXP, Inkblack Stone, Rare Grade Toy Gift, and Golden Thread.


    10995 EXP, Inkblack Stone, Epic Grace Toy Gift, and Golden Thread.

  2. Secret Training

    Doing secret training is another excellent way of getting tons of EXP in a short amount of time. To do so, find a portal, then enter it. This portal will send players into a mysterious place where they can EXP by eliminating monsters. It’s recommended that players that opt to do this method should use a rare-grade weapon or higher.

    Secret training follows the same path as bounty quests because gamers won’t be able to engage with it all the time. That’s because they can only do secret training three times a day, and players are only given five minutes to slay as many monsters as they can during the time given. Nonetheless, suppose sellers can make these five minutes count and concentrate on hacking and slashing (utilizing the keyboard mapping feature is a plus). In that case, the character they’re using will level up quickly.

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