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Chimeraland has a loot system wherein players can loot the beasts they’ve slain and take their resources. They can then use the gathered materials to make equipment or accessories for their character. However, not everyone is up for hard work; gathering takes a lot of patience, so it’s understandable for gamers to only want to reap their rewards and get their just desserts minus the hassle. Should sellers choose to offer Chimeraland items for sale to potential buyers, they can earn a bit of profit while playing the game they love.

Profitable Chimeralands Item Flipping: How to Get Equipment

Equipment ranges from armor to weapons; these items boost a player’s survivability and stats while playing Chimeralands. That’s why they’re vital to the gameplay experience. To get the good stuff, sellers must complete some Totem Challenges.

Totem Challenges are essentially a type of challenge where players will have to face beasts that are mightier than what they’re used to seeing while traversing around Chimeraland. In other words, these beasts are stronger and tougher. Since the stats of these enemies are usually boosted, it’s highly recommended that sellers attain the help of their friends to make things easier to accomplish.

How Do the Totem Challenges Work?

To complete the Totem Challenges, players must get through several stages in a limited amount of time. The main objective is to defeat the prey, and in each stage, the number of prey increases—making it all the more arduous.

If sellers manage to get through the trials and tribulations, the Totem Challenges will award them with Treasure Chests. Note that these aren’t the normal Treasure Chests in Chimeraland, where players would usually get gold or other forms of in-game currency. The Totem Challenges’ Treasure Chests awards players with good to great equipment that can increase their stats. Should sellers rise to the challenge, they can complete the Totem Challenges now and then. That way, they can get tons of weapons, armor, and rare resources in a short amount of time.

It’s back-breaking to deal with these mighty beasts, but if sellers want an “easier” time, they can use the game’s Keyboard Mapping feature. They can use the android emulator (LDPlayer) to set up some shortcuts in Chimeraland to make their controls flow smoother while doing the Totem Challenges.

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