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Sell a Chimeraland Account for Real Money

Selling an unused Chimeraland account can earn players real money and selling an account through a trusted marketplace means a seller can reach more buyer. If a player has burnt themselves out on Chimeraland since launch farming every pet, upgrading every weapon, or fully furnishing their house; instead of setting the game aside and wasting their progress, they can simply trade it to a willing buyer. Accounts with a lot to offer sell for higher prices, so there are some factors to keep in mind before choosing to list an account for sale.

What should a seller’s account have before choosing to sell it?

Buyers often look for the best value for their money, so it’s best to have an assortment of items available in an account that a seller’s will put up for sale.

  1. Materials and in-game currency.

    The main gameplay for Chimeraland involves gathering resources to craft items to progress through the game. Having an abundance of materials will be a good selling point because it means buyers won’t have to spend time gathering them. Meanwhile, in-game currency like gold and ruby means the account will have enough to spend in case buyers need something from the many shops in Chimeraland.

  2. High-level items and Sigils

    Players can obtain high-level items by grinding for resources and crafting. There are some that drop as loot from enemies. Having higher level items means that a seller’s account can be sold for more. There are also players looking for specific items or high-level items to make sure that they will be strong enough to fight with monsters and players. Sigils also increase an account’s overall power by providing bonus stats. Having a variety of Sigils means buyers can build their character according to their preference.

  3. Pets

    In Chimeraland, players can have pets that have their own stats. These pets can assist the player in gathering or in combat. They are helpful assistants and having better pets means an account will be worth more.

  4. Account Level

    An account’s level determines a character’s stats. Higher levels mean a character will have higher stats, aside from the big bonuses provided by items and Sigils. Levels also give an account skill points that are invested towards a character’s Life Skills. These Life Skills provide bonuses to the player for gathering resources or crafting items.

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