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Progression in the Broken Ranks requires players to get higher gear and higher levels in order to access more of the world’s content. Leveling up in the game is crucial as it increases the stats and skills available to the characters. Having high-end gear might be the most important aspect of the game as it dictates how strong gamers’ characters are and whether they can survive and succeed in the most difficult explorations. Unfortunately, leveling up and getting good gear is not as easy as it sounds.

At some point, gamers will hit a progression ceiling that will require them to level up to get better stats to access further explorations. However, to level up at a decent pace, grinders will also have to use high-end gear items. The process of acquiring both of these is tedious and time-consuming as players will have to invest a lot of time and effort and pray to have good luck. For gamers who want to make a profit by playing Broken Ranks can take this opportunity if they are willing to spend hundreds of hours in the game. By offering up piloting or power leveling services, sellers can help other players progress their characters by grinding levels, farming gold, and acquiring gear.

What Should Sellers Offer Potential Buyers in Broken Ranks?

In Broken Ranks, there are three primary things that players focus on the most: leveling up, equipping high-end gear, and amassing gold. Leveling up enables players to gain more character stats and have access to more content of the game. Having high-end gear is the most important aspect of the game as it allows players to gain more power to help them survive and succeed in most of their ventures. Meanwhile, farming gold is equally important because player trading is the lifeblood of the game. Trading allows gamers to acquire the gear they need, especially if they are not lucky enough to get them from farming mobs. Player trading also allows players to gain access to various other items such as other currencies, cosmetics, and pets because everything is tradeable in Broken Ranks. People who are looking to sell their services can find more customers by focusing on these three aspects of the game.

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