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Why sell Brawlhalla ELO boosting or power leveling services?

It may not be one of the most popular platformer fight-game yet, Brawlhalla does have a huge following. More players are trying out the game every day, and these players will want to be able to access or play multiple Legends. In addition, these players will want to climb through the ranks and reach the gold rank at the least. Unfortunately, not everyone will have the time to grind for these things. By providing boost ELO services, players can offer up their time to play on other people’s accounts in order to rank up their accounts or stack up gold. There are always players looking for someone to pilot their accounts while they work or if they are too busy.

How to effectively pilot and boost elo?

When piloting other people, they may have special requests as to which Legends they want to be leveled up or how much gold they want to get. These conditions are some of the requests that players might ask aside from ranking up. To make services more effective and more efficient, always ask what conditions or what are specific requests that potential buyers have. Here are some tips to help with the sales:

  • If players only want to rank up – If players only want to rank up, then just spam the best Legend that can be used. Since there are no specific requests on which Legend to use, picking the Legend the sellers are best at is the way to go.
  • If buyers want to rank up and get gold – For this specific request, sellers will have to narrow down their Legend pool. By focusing on specific Legends, pilots can receive gold from account level up rewards and Legend level-up rewards.
  • If buyers want to rank up and want specific Legends to level up – This one can be quite tricky as some game modes offer more experience than others. Generally, for this type of request, sellers should focus on playing mainly on 1v1 ranked games as they provide the most experience outside customs. Otherwise, doing customs can help boost Legend levels faster.

For potential sellers of Brawlhalla boosting services, here are some points to take note of to make faster sales:

  • Try to be good at every Legend
  • Have a Gold rank or above in their actual accounts
  • List specific Legends who they are the best at
  • Market how much time they can spend piloting
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