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How Gamers Make Money Playing Blue Protocol

One way in which a particularly skilled Blue Protocol player could make money playing the game is by providing power leveling services to buyers.

So, why do Power Levelers sell services rather than selling accounts or in-game items or currency? There are a few reasons for that. First, it can be a tougher job compared to selling game-related assets, so there’s not as many people providing these services. By filling this void, they tap into a demand that only a few players get to fulfill. After all, less competition means more money for sellers.

Also, sellers of power leveling services might feel that their tasks are more varied. Rather than farming a single item or currency, they are able to complete a myriad of different jobs for people as each buyer could have unique requirements. Maybe Power Levelers just prefer the more personal nature of these services too as it requires more communication and collaboration with their clients.

What Blue Protocol Services Do Sellers Provide?

Currently, Blue Protocol is in its beta phase. This means a lot of changes and improvements will still be made in the game, making the official release completely different. Therefore, other than power leveling and farming, it’s still unclear what kind of power leveling and boosting services sellers will provide.

What Determines Services’ Price

Having said that, it can’t be denied that leveling services follow a certain standard when it comes to pricing. Aside from the more popular games having higher prices for services like this, the faster the leveling process or the more gold or items are farmed within a particular time, the higher the price a seller will generally charge.

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