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Selling Information

A gamer might decide to sell Blue Protocol Account. This could be because they started playing but decided it wasn’t their kind of game, they don’t have the time to play, or they’re simply not interested. Blue Protocol Account sellers are also finding it easy to sell their accounts now, given the game’s popularity. Why the hype? It’s a hugely ambitious first-ever MMO-JRPG project from Bandai-Namco, which is known for JRPGs like Code Vein, Tales series, God Eater, and Scarlet Nexus.

Why Do Gamers Want to Sell Blue Protocol Account?

A primary reason why a gamer might choose to sell their account is because there are simply a lot of potential buyers who want a Blue Protocol account. If a buyer wants an account more than a seller wants it, sellers will often trade the account with the buyer.

There are also lots of reasons why players will look forward to getting their hands on a Blue Protocol Account. First would be the fact that there’s sure to be lots of players who want an account for the beta test. It is still unknown if Bandai-Namco is going to let beta testers keep their progress once they transition to the official game version. However, given the track record of many MMOs in the past, they give beta testers special items and/or exclusive content in commemoration and gratitude of their service.

Also, even if Bandai-Namco chooses to give everyone a clean slate, there will be those who will manage to grind and even get to the endgame faster than most players. It should go without saying that players that manage this particular feat would be able to sell their account at higher prices.

What Determines a Blue Protocol Account Price

Currently, not much is known about how the game’s progression, gear, item, and character customization will be, let alone how they will work, as the game is still in its beta phase and doesn't have any release date yet. Nevertheless, fantasy MMORPGs follow a certain pattern when it comes to these things, so it’s no surprise that the following determine the price of a Blue Protocol account:

  • Character Achieving Level Cap
  • Viable Gear with High-Tier Rarity
  • Meta Viability of Character
  • Amount of In-Game Currency (Luna) and Premium Currency
  • Number and Price of Premium Items in Account

These will be more specific later on as we know more about the game once it finally gets released. While there are already tidbits of info, they are still subject to change because the game is still in its beta phase. For example, the current level cap in the beta is 35, which is low compared to other MMORPGs during initial release, which is either 50 or 60. Thus, it’s better to wait in the meantime.

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