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You have two options on how to deliver the item/s: face to face delivery or in-game mailbox delivery.

For the fact to face delivery, this method of delivery is optimal if you intend to meet your character in-game with one of the buyer’s own characters. You’ll be coordinating a time and location within the game for the buyer to meet your character.

For the in-game mailbox delivery, you will deliver the item/s direction to an in-game mailbox inside the game. While this option isn’t that popular, it can be convenient for smaller orders since you don’t have to coordinate when you’ll be doing the delivery.

Weapon Skins in Black Squad

Black Squad has a lot of really cool skins in the market, but a lot of them aren’t in the game because some of the skins are only from tournaments and therefore can only be obtained if you participated in those said tournaments. That being said, if you get a hold of those or have the skins in your inventory, you’re in luck because they sell at a high price!

  • Melee Skins
    From melee weapons to guns, there are a lot of skins for you to sell. Karambit skins are one of the most demanded skins in Black Squad with finishes that will leave your friends green with envy. But don’t forget about other melee weapons like the Kukri, Nimravus, Seal-Pup, and Tomahawk that also have skins that fetch high prices.
  • Secondary Skins
    Since Black Squad is a free-to-play game that has been released for several years now, the most important aspect of the game is mastering weapons from the start to the end. Thus, different Black Squad weapon skins come out to be also significant. One of the legendary weapon skins in the game for guns is the ACR Damascus Gold and AEK973 GL Soul Reaper, having a finish and design like no other in the game.

Why Sell Black Squad Items in PlayerAuctions

With over millions of users in our marketplace, you’ll have no trouble selling off your Black Squad weapons and skins. Plus, since most of the skins in Black Squad are limited edition items that can no longer be bought, there’s definitely a demand for it. We have one of the lowest commissions to offer to sellers like you compared to other websites, and we offer chargeback protection. So what are you waiting for? Become a seller in our player-to-player marketplace now!

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