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Black Desert Online Money Making Guide: How to Make Money in BDO?

Whether an experienced adventurer who’s constantly trying to upgrade some gear or a complete newbie, players are always going to need silver in Black Desert Online. Silver isn’t just a means for getting cool gear; it is also essential when it comes to upgrading houses or simply buying beer.

So to help buyers get that next upgrade or buy new gear, here are some easy steps to follow to help sellers earn silver fast and easy in Black Desert Online:

Get Workers

Workers can gain a nice amount of money and are essential if wanting to train life skills such as cooking, processing, or alchemy. The best thing about workers is that out of all the money-making methods in the game, this one requires the least amount of effort once it's set up. All that's needed is to invest in a couple of nodes, get some workers and watch them do all the hard work!


Processing is an easy but profitable life skill sellers need to master if they have the resources for it. To start processing, chopping timber or melting ore are very good ways to gain a profit. If they want to do one of the more unconventional ways of making money by processing, grinding the potatoes that you can get from the nodes when farming is a perfect way. While this choice may not be too familiar, it remains one of the most profitable ways to earn money, especially when just starting.

The items that they've processed, they can sell directly on the marketplace for a good amount of cash or use to make better items and food that can sell at even higher prices.

Heating Weapons

Weapon Heating is one of the most straightforward methods there is because all that's really needed is to clear out the character's inventory, buy a bunch of Rosar axes from the marketplace, and start heating them from the “Produce” menu. That’ll give a bunch of Melted Iron shards and Trace of Memories. They’re enough to give you quite a bit of profit, but nothing special.

Sell BDO Silver on the Online Marketplace

BDO Silver may be easy to farm, but it's easier to spend them. Some players would rather skip all the farming, no matter how quick the process is. It's always faster to get them from online sellers, especially ones on a reliable online marketplace.

Sellers who set up shop on one find more success and profits than sellers that don't. Most of that can be attributed to the site's systems and policies, such as no subscription fees. The large trading community is also a bonus, as well-established ones have amassed a loyal customer base. Sellers would have all they need and more when joining one.

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