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Why Sell Battlebit Remastered Accounts

Battlebit Remastered is a popular battlefield game that mixes the allure of Roblox-like graphics with the fast-paced and engaging shooter genre. Gamers can play it for hours without feeling bored or burnt out due to the variety of available maps, weapons, and items. Many players will be looking to get high ranks to flex their superiority.

Unfortunately, getting good in Battlebit Remastered requires players to own various guns and attachments to adapt to their current situation. These guns are not readily available and must be unlocked through ranking up. This creates a massive market for players who are looking to buy accounts that have everything opened already.

Gamers can make a ton of money if they are willing to sell their accounts that own every gun and attachment in the game. You can also create an extra profit if they have rare skins or no longer obtainable Twitch drops. If you are no longer fond of the game and looking to earn cash, you can always find a willing customer ready to buy your account.

How to Rank Up Fast in Battlebit Remastered?

If you want the best guns and attachments for your account to increase its value, you have to be ready for a long grind. It would help if you played many games to level up quickly to unlock them. Here are some tips to make everything available in your account:

  • Master the Medic Role: Choose the medic role to raise substantial XP by reviving and healing teammates. A revived teammate brings you 400 XP while mending a teammate nets you 200 XP. Please pay attention to the potential of your medic gadgets, like the medkit and defibrillator, as they also contribute to your XP haul.
  • Demolish Enemy Vehicles: Earn big XP points by obliterating enemy vehicles. Whether it's a small or large vehicle, destroying it rewards you with a hefty 1800 XP. Even damaging enemy vehicles will notch up your XP count.
  • Embrace Squad Play: Join a squad to capitalize on a bonus XP boost across all your actions. Squad play is richly rewarded since it embodies teamwork and shared objectives. The size of your squad will determine the magnitude of your bonus XP.
  • Opt for 127 vs. 127 Mode: Opt for the sprawling 127 vs 127 game mode for unmatched XP opportunities. This expansive mode in Battlebit Remastered brims with the potential for kills revives, and vehicle destruction, thanks to the augmented player count.
  • Conquer Daily and Weekly Challenges: Seize the chance to complete an array of straightforward daily and weekly challenges for added XP gains. These challenges are a convenient route to supplement your XP tally without excessive effort. Simple tasks like attaining a set number of kills or reviving teammates form the crux of these challenges.
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