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How to Sell Your Artifact Decks and Product Keys for Real Money

Even now, the buzz surrounding Artifact is palpable. The Artifact economy has the potential to be a robust one, so why not earn sell your Artifact CD key for real money? It's easy! Simply create an account here at PlayerAuctions (if you don't already have one), and make an offer. With our wide reach, there's sure to be a user to pick up on your Artifact product key offer in a jiffy.

For you to be able to successfully conclude a sale, you just need to follow these steps:

  1. 1. Register as a seller
    To do this, you simply need to fill out our seller form and confirm your application via the PIN code we’ll send to you. Then it’s as simple as clicking “Start Selling”!
  2. 2. Make an offer
    At PlayerAuctions, we believe that EVERYTHING sells! With our deep database of both buyers, you’ve got the best chance of finding someone to buy your CD keys!
  3. 3. Deliver the keys/decks
  4. CD Keys
    Further communication between buyer & seller can be done through onsite messenger for the delivery of keys
  5. Decks
    Obtain the username of your buyer through our onsite messenger (This serves as further documentation of trade details)
  6. 4. Gift the decks to your buyer in the Steam Marketplace
    Note: In both decks & CD key trading, the actual trading will happen via the Steam Marketplace.
  7. 5. Get paid!
    The payment will then be given to you after the buyer confirms the delivery of the sold CD keys. These will be through AmazonPay, Skrill, GoCoin, Neteller, and major credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.


Behind an Artifact player's success is a good set of cards. As such, you won’t run out of potential buyers for your Artifact CD keys if your account boasts high value cards. Availing of the Artifact deck, Artifact base pack, Artifact draft pack, Artifact sealed pack, or Artifact booster pack, can give you the best cards, thus making an Artifact account more valuable.

Why Sell Your Artifact Key & Card Pack on PlayerAuctions

Decks containing premium cards are going to be in high demand in Artifact Steam marketplace. Sellers will need to

Ease of transactions, safety and security, and better profit margins. These are the things you can get when you sell your Artifact deck via PlayerAuctions! Should you become a PlayerAuctions premium Power Seller, you'll get even more benefits coming your way, such as quicker disbursement (24 hours), a higher Buyer Trust, and direct access to our Power Seller management team.

Do it the PlayerAuctions way and you're sure to get the most for your Artifact key!